City Council Meeting: Monday, December 16 at 6:30

The city council is slated to make a decision on a crowded urban development plan including a 5 story building as part of 137 residential units on the NE corner of Lavaque Road and Maple Grove Road on Monday December 16.

Being 33% more crowded than Hermantown as a whole and 50% more crowded than the comparable lands presented by city staff make it out of character for our community. The area is zoned R3 and has a height limit of 33 ft so there is an attempt to use a designation from “PUD” (Planned Urban Development) to pretend that this is planned though it doesn’t even align with Hermantown’s Comprehensive plan. Many Hermantown citizens disagree that this is in our best interest. Along with the high density of 18 homes, 4 quad-plexes, plus 100+ units in the five story building  on 10 acres there are other concerns. Please view the documents below:

And stand against (or for) this development as you see fit at 6:30 on Monday, December 16 at City Hall.