pictureDuring the December 16th meeting Michael Koppy asked for a show of hands from people who were against this development. Notice the packed meeting room where there was standing room only.

Follow up of the Monday December 16th meeting at City Hall

The second topic on the agenda for the city council was the development at the intersection of Maple Grove and Lavaque roads. Consequently, we could see it was going to be a long night. Channel 10 and 6 arrived and interviewed me concerning our issue. I was told that Channel 10 aired the interview that night. The two developers of the project were seated in the front row. When it was our turn, we listened to the city explain what they hoped would take place at the proposed site. There were over 75 people in attendance who were opposed to the project and nearly 25 approached the counselors to state reasons against it. It was clear that the counselors, developers and city employees were being challenged. Many points were raised including the large number of people living in this development. This means that it would encompass a density 1/3rd higher than any other development in Hermantown. Other concerns included the five-story senior care center not fitting this neighborhood, the increased traffic that will follow, lack of any detailed plans for the site, the fact that it does not adhere to R3 zoning requirements and most importantly the neighborhood is against it.

After all the testimony from the neighborhood the Council spoke and stated where they stood. John Geissler was first, and he said that he was in favor of the project as it stood and was ready to vote it through. Councilor Natalie Peterson stated she agreed with John. Kristi Schmidt and Gloria Nelson both had questions that they were uncomfortable with. Finally, the mayor said he had a lot of questions and if they would have the vote now, he would have to vote against it. They moved to table it until January 6th at 6:30. See you all then.

I spoke with the mayor after and stated I would like to talk with him after the holidays to see if the developers made any changes. I will update this web site with any new information. So have a Merry Christmas and thank you all for showing up. We can make a difference standing together.


Updated information:

On the morning of the 17th, I received a call from one of our councilors. She stated that the developers are asking for the January 6th meeting to be postponed until January 21st. 

Press Release for Postponement

This is a possible big victory. They know that they will have to come back with some major changes to the proposed development or the council will not approve it. We have to keep the pressure on so I will be going to the city right after the holidays to request more documents. We are setting up a meeting with the first responders to find out where they stand on this. One of their concerns is the increased travel that would result from this development.

Have a great Holiday and we look forward to seeing you on the 21st. We need even a bigger turn out than we had on December 16th, so encourage your neighbors and friends to come.