The Hermantown City Council is currently slated to make a decision on a 137 unit development to include a 5 story building with assisted living care on the corner of Lavaque Road and Maple Grove Road.
The Community Development Director describes this as a “CAMPUS” like setting.

This proposed development will have many effects on the quality of living in Hermantown.

The development will bring approx 400 residence to a 10-acre parcel. This level of density has never been approved prior and presents challenges given the structure of the intersection, Lavaque Rd (no sidewalks, speed limits, stoplights) and proposes issues to public safety given the already thin resources at our fire hall.

The rural landscape will forever be changed if this proposal is accepted.

This will set a precedent for future high-density developments in suburban and rural settings in Hermantown.

Is this the right location for a “campus” style residential project?


Attend the next Council meeting on January 21st at 6:30 and stand in opposition (or in favor) of this proposal or voice your concerns.

Contact your city council members (email and phone is on the city website) and voice your concerns

Visit: for more information. Or contact Micheal Koppy at 218-729-7643 for more information.

Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors!

Please grab this PDF of the document that includes a picture of a similar development in the Twin Cities: [Printable PDF]