There were over 100 Hermantown residents in attendance. 100 chairs in the chamber were filled plus another 25 people were standing or in the entrance.

The meeting began with Eric Johnson, city planner, giving a detailed review of the development proposed on the corner of Lavaque and Maple Grove. This information was offered at prior meetings. It was likely helpful for attendees who had not heard it before. A new addition to his presentation addressed the concern raised at the December 16th meeting about the density of the development. He used new statistics to downplay the density issue, but the attendees didn’t buy it.

The developer followed by showing that his firm considered changes to satisfy the concerns of Hermantown residents. The changes included placing an age limit of 55 years on the people who would live in the 4-plex’s and deciding that the 5-story senior living and memory care complex could not be re-designed.

The manager of the company that would oversee the senior living and memory care residents gave a presentation assuring everyone of their professionalism and the quality of care people would receive.

These presentations were followed by 25 – 30 Hermantown residents taking turns to address the council, city planners, and the developer about their concerns.

A vote on whether to refuse or accept the project followed. Each councilor briefly spoke about the reason for their vote. Here are the results:

  • Councilor Schmidt: NO
  • Councilor Nelson: NO
  • Councilor Geissler: YES
  • Councilor Peterson: YES

Mayor Boucher reviewed the process to date and stated that not much had changed since the December 16th meeting. He made the deciding vote.

  • Mayor Boucher: NO