The proposed development, The Pillars of Hermantown, located at 5097 Maple Grove Road on 10-acres of land, Hermantown, Minnesota, will be a three story, 110 – unit senior living community. The development will provide a new, state of the art living opportunity for seniors of Hermantown.

Before development plans began, Oppidan contracted a Senior Living Consultant to perform a market study to determine demand for senior residential units including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. The study supports the proposed 110-unit community.

Oppidan will own the community and has entered into an agreement with Ebenezer Management Services to manage the community. Ebenezer is wholly owned by Fairview Health Services and brings a wealth of experience and awareness to the aging population from both a caring living experience to necessary healthcare provisions. This will be the seventh community partnership between Oppidan and Ebenezer.


Currently the site has no existing structures or wetlands and can be described by its native forestry and rolling topography. There is a vegetated berm located on the south and west sides of the property along Maple Grove Road and Lavaque Road, respectively. The proposed senior living community will sit in the NE corner of the site which allows for the majority of the berm to remain as is, creating a buffer between the proposed development and the streetway.

The topography in this portion of the site allows for relatively easy access into the underground parking garage with access under the north-south wing of the building. As much foliage as possible will be preserved to provide additional screening and greenspace for residents. Proposed landscaping plans will fit accordingly within City guidelines.


This proposed senior living community will consist of 110 senior apartments with a mix of Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. Before starting the design process, Oppidan hired a third party source to conduct a market study to determine demand for senior residential units on this site. Using this information, Oppidan and Ebenezer worked together to design a building to fit this demand.

Included within the proposed community are several amenity spaces with potential to include heated, underground parking, a pub, theater and chapel room, fitness center, salon, a library and outdoor activity spaces.

Approximately 20 of the apartments would be designed specific to Memory Care residents. This area of the building will be secured to provide a safe community home for the residents and prevent residents from wandering away and will be staffed to handle higher care levels. This space will include separate dining and community space, as well as a private courtyard. Memory Care residents do not have access to vehicles and therefore do not have any impact on area traffic.


This proposed development will have access from Lavaque Road in the northwestern corner of the site as well as access via a new road that will connect to Maple Grove Road at the south east corner of the site.

It is from the entry point that residents will also be able to access the underground parking garage. Code compliant, senior-friendly side walks will be provided to allow for resident’s easy access to the parking lots and any outdoor amenity spaces.

As noted, proposed parking for residents will be located in the underground parking garage which will hold approximately 60 stalls. Additional staff, visitor and resident parking has been proposed directly outside the main entrance and provides approximately another 80 stalls. This is adequate parking as several residents of senior communities do not transport themselves, many times opting to use the community owned bus. The proposed parking lots will benefit from the buffering of the natural landscape, shielding much of the site from neighbors.


The proposed Pillars of Hermantown Senior living Community will enhance the local economy via job creation and tax expenses. New property taxes will be generated as a result of this development. This will also create the equivalent of more than 35 full time, permanent jobs. Both part-time and full-time positions exists at various wage rates and skill levels including skilled nursing, housekeeping, culinary and dining assistants an professional management.

This site is located just minutes from the Miller Hill Mall and sorrounding retailers. The introduction of new, local residents to the area will inject revenue into these commercial businesses. Additionally, the community will own a bus with the ability to transport residents to a variety of local destinations.


The site is an optimal location for the efficient provision of utility services. A public water main runs along Maple Grove Road, directly south of the site, and a sewer trunk line runs along an easement abutting the east side of the site. Installation of all other utilities will be installed by local providers.


Since 2000, Hermantown has been one of the fastest growing cities in Northeastern Minnesota. The proposed Pillars of Hermantown would provide a living alternative for seniors of Hermantown and surrounding areas, allowing these residents to continue to live in the community they love. By working to maintain the natural beauty of the site and designing a building to fit the residential standard, this proposed develop aligns with the community values. This community would serve not only as a home to seniors but also as a center for activities, services and entertainment for residents, their families and the greater Hermantown community.